Jeepers! Hillary’s Campaign is Even Creepier Than You Think

rcplogoApril 16, 2015–Greetings, American humans! Hello, advanced mammalian friends! Welcome to the Week of Hillary!

“Wait, wait, wait,” you might be thinking if you’re a normal American human. “It’s not the Week of Hillary. Last I checked, it was the Week the Government Steals All of My Money, Then Somehow Manages to Act Like It’s the Victim. Also, isn’t ISIS about to take over Ramadi? Also, didn’t Russian warships just enter the English Channel? And what about—”

Pffftt. Pipe down. You haven’t been paying attention, friend. It is, at least in the cloistered world of the American media, The Week of Hillary. On Sunday, the former secretary of state announced her intention to enact her final, sweet, glorious revenge on the old ball and chain, Bill “Mr. Fun” Clinton—ahem, I mean “run for president”—and the coverage has been wall-to-wall since.

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Indiana’s Hard Lesson: Dissent Is No Longer Tolerated

April 2, 2015–On Tuesday, the owners of an Indiana pizza parlor made a terrible mistake. The O’Connor family, which runs Memories Pizza in the small town of Walkerton, told a local ABC affiliate that while they would “never deny” service to a gay couple or a customers of another religion, “they just don’t agree with […]

Christian Laettner, Monica Lewinsky, and America’s Hero Problem

March 27, 2015–Recently, two controversial public figures from the 1990s reappeared on the American stage. One, a relentless winner, was reviled for his prestigious school, fabulous hair, and cocky attitude on the basketball court; the other was widely mocked for fellating a married president, refusing to dry clean a certain blue dress, and, yes, wearing […]

Racial Trouble on Starbucks Island

March 19, 2015–This week, Starbucks Coffee Company announced its “Race Together” initiative, which encourages employees to strike up conversations with customers about race relations in America. Yes, you read that right. Baristas will be encouraged to write “Race Together” on cups, offering a gentle psychological nudge and suggesting it’s a good idea to discuss hot-button […]

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