How To Ruin Thanksgiving in a Few Easy Steps

rcplogoNovember 26, 2014 – Don’t you love Thanksgiving? I sure do. Apparently, however, a lot of people kind of hate Thanksgiving—or, at the very least, they kind of hate their relatives.

Here’s Henry Alford writing in Friday’s New York Times: “The hurt feelings and the culture of psychological entrapment. The long-dormant resentments that seem to redouble like fingernails on a corpse. Like you, I have often wondered, ‘How might a hostage negotiator help the average American family get through Thanksgiving?’”

Ha! Actually, I have never wondered that—I tend to focus on constructing an elaborate Potemkin kitchen mess and dabbing some flour on my face so that I can fool people into thinking I made the pre-cooked Whole Foods turkey all by myself—but I certainly applaud Mr. Alford’s dramatic flair. (Also, as a woman of science, I must set the record straight: Fingernails, contrary to gross and popular opinion, do not grow or “redouble” after you die.)

Those quibbles aside, however, the invocation of holiday-season hostage negotiators isn’t as crazy as you might think. Despite decades of well-bred warnings not to discuss religion or politics at the dinner table, many Americans seem to approach Thanksgiving as their own private “Crossfire”—and many in the media, much like the prepubescent, hormone-crazed audience at a World Wrestling Entertainment showdown, are wildly cheering them on.

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