Trump’s Establishment Yes Men


May 5, 2016 – Back in September of 2015—ah, those wonderful days, when someone might still merrily laugh like a gin-soaked Daisy Buchanan if you told them Donald Trump was a presidential candidate to be reckoned with—Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal put his foot down. Donald Trump, he told an audience at the National Press Club, was “dangerous,” unhinged, and completely unqualified for the White House.

“The reality of Donald Trump is absurd. He’s a non-serious carnival act,” Jindal, still in the midst of his quixotic presidential campaign, told the crowd. “It’s silly to argue policy with this guy. He doesn’t know anything about it, he has no idea what he is talking about, he makes it all up on the fly.”

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The Upsides of an Insane Election

April 28, 2016 – Say what you will about Donald Trump, bless his gold-plated heart, but he’s had one heck of a week. On Tuesday, when voters in five East Coast states went to the polls, literally everything came up Trump. In Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island, he won every single county, leaving those […]

Prepare for the Apocalypse: Trump Nails Kasich and Dunham

April 26, 2016–I’ll start off on a somber note, friends: The apocalypse may be closer than we think. How do I know? Well, thousands of years ago, back through the swirling dusts and mists of time, the most ancient of scrolls foretold it: “When The Burnt Sienna Man in The Great Golden Tower is Right […]

When Life Imitates the Internet

April 7, 2016–On Tuesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott got a jolt at a Gainesville Starbucks, but it wasn’t from sugar, excessive caffeine, or a new over-the-counter social justice campaign. No, those things would be too boring: Instead of coffee, Scott got a high-decibel, no-mercy public scolding from one of his constituents. “You strip women from […]

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