Tacos, Beer, and the Banality of Evil

rcplogoAugust 28, 2014–Over the past few weeks, countless Americans have cheerfully doused themselves with ice-filled water to raise money to fight ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. With the mind-boggling success of this simple viral campaign, it didn’t take long for copycat efforts to arrive. Not all of them, alas, are heartwarming.

Take the “Taco or Beer Challenge,” dreamed up by writer and abortion enthusiast Andrea Grimes. The effort calls for Americans to “eat a taco or drink a beer”—that part, I suppose, should not be surprising—and then, in a somewhat jarring twist, to “give money to an abortion fund.”

Planned Parenthood quickly jumped on the “challenge,” with supporters posting gleeful photos of their taco/beer/quiet-removal-of-unborn-children fiestas all over social media. Abortion is “normal,” Grimes argues, and by pairing it with tacos and beer, we can remember that “there’s nothing shameful” about it. Or, as the feminist website Jezebel put it, “YAY ABORTION TACOS FOR EVERYONE.”

Grimes launched her national abortion party with interesting timing. Just a day later, ISIS, the radical Islamist group wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria, released the now-infamous video of American journalist James Foley’s beheading. In the week since then, many members of the media and political classes have wrung their collective hands about the problem of “evil” in our modern, sophisticated world.

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