Wendy Davis and the Age of Over-Sharing

rcplogoSeptember 11, 2014 – This week, in case you missed it, Wendy Davis—the Texas gubernatorial hopeful launched to national fame by her impassioned pro-abortion filibuster last year—released a new memoir. The book, called “Forgetting to Be Afraid,” offers intimate details regarding Ms. Davis’s personal and political life, which no one in America has ever heard anything about.

Just kidding! If you’ve been following the news over the past year, you probably feel like you have personally given Wendy Davis a TSA “enhanced security” body cavity search. You know that she was a “single teenage mom.” You know that she “pulled herself up by her bootstraps.” You know that she “walked every day to the Austin capitol uphill in a snowstorm wearing nothing but strapped-on Cap’n Crunch boxes for shoes.” You may also know that she reportedly “left her husband the day after he paid her Harvard loans.” (Unsurprisingly, that one didn’t make it into the memoir. But she does note that she “was Eliza Doolittle to his Henry Higgins.” Oh, dear.)

No one, I suspect, was hankering for this book—well, no one, that is, except a gaggle of producers at “Good Morning America,” “The Rachel Maddow Show” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” each of which has featured Davis this week.  My favorite interview was with “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts, a somber, dignified, newsworthy affair, highlighted by a splashy screen caption in the urgent-looking italics usually reserved for an incoming 10-mile-wide world-destroying meteorite, or, alternatively, an iPhone launch: “PINK SNEAKERS MOM’S DRAMATIC REVELATIONS.”

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