When Comets and Shirts Collide

The Federalist copyNovember 17, 2014–If you keep a close eye on the quatrains of Nostradamus—and I do not, although I once watched a terrifying History Channel “documentary” on the soothsayer’s “Lost Book,” which informed me that the world would almost certainly be blown up by a mysterious man wearing a sky-blue turban by the fall of 2010—you likely know that comets often portend great disaster.

Well, last week, for once, Nostradamus may have been proven right. Here’s how CNN tells the tale:

While the world watched the historic landing of a space probe on a comet 310 million miles from Earth, many were distracted by what was happening closer to home. Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor caused a firestorm with his choice of fashion during the European Space Agency’s live stream of Wednesday’s Philae landing. Taylor initially sported a shirt featuring women in lingerie, possibly not the wisest choice of attire given all of the discussion surrounding the challenges for women in the tech and science fields.

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What Women Really Want

November 6, 2014–If you follow the antics of modern “feminism”—or even if you desperately try to ignore them—you’ve probably witnessed the following sad and wacky spectacle: Every week or so, certain clusters of cloistered, college-educated, first-world women will dredge the darker realms of the Internet for some new form of oppression to call their own. […]

When “Bumpkins” Are Smarter Than Elites

October 30, 2014 – If you want a quick, potent illustration of the distance many coastal political insiders feel from the average American, you can’t do much better than Mark Leibovich’s piece in this week’s New York Times Magazine. Titled “The Bumpkinization of the Midterm Elections,” the article bemoans the “countless candidates” across the country—largely Republican, […]

“Potty-Mouthed Princesses” and the Feminist Rabbit Hole

October 23, 2014 – You’ve got to hand it to feminists: Just when you think they can’t get any crazier, they go ahead and up the ante. If I’ve written some version of this line before—and I’m sure I have, because today’s feminists are truly the unwanted gift that keeps on giving—please forgive me. My brain […]

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