Why the Culture Wars Refuse to Die

July 2, 2015 – Regardless of what you think about last week’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, you have to admire the raw capitalistic pluck of the dozens of American corporations that decided, upon the majestic release of Justice Kennedy’s addled mandate from Mount Make-Up-A-Law, to immediately go full rainbow.

After the ruling—which cheered many Americans, but which also included an alarming cavalcade of disastrous, slapdash legal reasoning—social media transformed into a colorful, giddy sea. Companies including American Airlines, the Gap, and Uber candy-coated their logos. General Mills promoted the addition of “two new rainbow marshmallows” to Lucky Charms cereal, Nike launched the rainbow-hued “#BeTrue” collection, and Target stores whipped out racks of rainbow “pride gear,” featuring flip-flops, iPhone covers, and swimsuits that looked like they had been hand-sewn by me, the night before, in the dark, after three glasses of wine.

Was it shameless, unabashed consumerism? A blatant jump on the cultural bandwagon? You bet. But really, could anything be more American?

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Charleston’s Quieter Lessons

June 25, 2015–Last Thursday, America woke up to the horrifying news of a massacre in a historic black church. Dylann Roof, a devout racist, walked into a Bible study, listened to innocent people discuss their faith for an hour, and then shot and killed nine of them in cold blood. Two days after the killings, […]

Rachel Dolezal, America’s Newest “Victim”

June 18, 2015–One of the notable things about taking a vacation—and taking a week off from the news—is that when you return, the world can seem even nuttier than when you left. One of the greatest ironies of free market capitalism, meanwhile, is that it creates such a mind-boggling level of prosperity that its beneficiaries […]

Caitlyn Jenner and the War on Facts

June 4, 2015–As you may have heard, Bruce Jenner—former Olympian, raspy-voiced media showboat, and newly manufactured creature of the Hollywood “No, seriously, no one is ever going to watch this … oh, Great Xenu, they’re actually watching it!” reality TV factory—is now a woman. He’s not just any woman, of course: “Caitlyn,” as Bruce is […]

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