Clinton Spins. Trump Shouts. We Throw Up Our Hands.

rcplogoAugust 20, 2015–As the dog days of summer wind down, it’s fun, at least in a self-flagellating way, to look back at the political antics of the past month. Yes, you may complain, but you also have to admit the following: In terms of entertainment value, August of 2015 has actually been quite stellar.

The obvious highlight, of course, is our nation’s most lovable billionaire/rotating policy smorgasbord, Donald Trump, a man who pinballs around the national consciousness like a wild-eyed, zesty, pre-sanitarium Zelda Fitzgerald. When he’s not giving free helicopter rides to kids at the Iowa State Fair and inspiring panic among weaker-kneed GOP competitors on immigration policy, he’s bellowing through newsprint at people like supermodel Heidi Klum, an international treasure who, you might be saddened to hear, is apparently “no longer a 10.”

Trump is often ridiculous, but in a fun way. American politics is always ridiculous, but almost never in a fun way, so you can see why we are where we are.

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