Mike Pence, Hero of American Theater

nr-copyNovember 22, 2016 — Over the pre-Thanksgiving weekend, the American Internet erupted in outrage, faux consternation, and streaks of halfhearted bickering. It was, in some ways, the perfect storm, stirring up several incendiary ingredients, including Donald Trump’s Twitter account, vocal public shaming, earnest onstage activism, and a musical that people just can’t stop talking about. What freshly heated scandal set the digital tubes aflame?

In short, Mike Pence, our vice president–elect — a man who has appeared mysteriously sanguine, at least on the outside, during what must be the wildest political ride of his life — was booed and lectured when he attended a Friday-night performance of America’s best-loved, most annoying Broadway show. That show, of course, would be Hamilton.

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