Planned Parenthood and the Statist Abyss

July 9, 2015–On Tuesday, a sickening undercover video blew up the Internet, and for good reason: Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, was caught on camera yukking it up over red wine and a fancy salad. The topic: how to best kill an unborn baby in order to preserve, and then […]

Why the Culture Wars Refuse to Die

July 2, 2015 – Regardless of what you think about last week’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, you have to admire the raw capitalistic pluck of the dozens of American corporations that decided, upon the majestic release of Justice Kennedy’s addled mandate from Mount Make-Up-A-Law, to immediately go full rainbow. After the ruling—which cheered many […]

Charleston’s Quieter Lessons

June 25, 2015–Last Thursday, America woke up to the horrifying news of a massacre in a historic black church. Dylann Roof, a devout racist, walked into a Bible study, listened to innocent people discuss their faith for an hour, and then shot and killed nine of them in cold blood. Two days after the killings, […]

Rachel Dolezal, America’s Newest “Victim”

June 18, 2015–One of the notable things about taking a vacation—and taking a week off from the news—is that when you return, the world can seem even nuttier than when you left. One of the greatest ironies of free market capitalism, meanwhile, is that it creates such a mind-boggling level of prosperity that its beneficiaries […]

Caitlyn Jenner and the War on Facts

June 4, 2015–As you may have heard, Bruce Jenner—former Olympian, raspy-voiced media showboat, and newly manufactured creature of the Hollywood “No, seriously, no one is ever going to watch this … oh, Great Xenu, they’re actually watching it!” reality TV factory—is now a woman. He’s not just any woman, of course: “Caitlyn,” as Bruce is […]

Taylor Swift Flirts with the Feminist Dark Side

June 1, 2015 – In a time of global political chaos, surging domestic culture wars, and the baffling emergence of enough GOP presidential candidates to effectively recast every Wes Anderson film ever made, there is one enduring, rock-solid truth we all can count on: If you live in America, you cannot escape Taylor Swift. Last fall, […]

The Clinton Family’s Telling Mantra

May 28, 2015–Great news, America: Chelsea Clinton is writing a book! In September, Penguin Random House will publish “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired, & Get Going!” The book, according to its enthusiastic press release, “will address some of the world’s most challenging issues including Poverty, Homelessness, Food Insecurity, Access to Education, Gender Equality, […]

The Unbearable Lightness of Mattress Feminism

May 21, 2015–For thousands of years, divergent religious traditions have celebrated and venerated one unifying act: meditation. Twenty years before Christ, Philo of Alexandria, a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher, recommended various meditative spiritual exercises. Meditation fills the history and writings surrounding the Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and Sufi traditions. Early Christians, contrary to any modern image to […]

Planet Obama: Where Self-Awareness Goes to Die

May 14, 2015–Life in the White House can be notoriously isolating. Harry Truman called the famous presidential residence, which boasts 132 rooms, “the great white jail.” Ronald Reagan labeled it a “gilded cage.” Bill Clinton, who liked the White House so much he sidled out with almost $190,000 worth of furniture, china, silverware, and decorative […]

The Progressive Mask Comes Off

April 30, 2015–Yesterday, on my way into Chipotle, I crossed paths with a guy wearing a bright pink t-shirt that screamed the following, in all caps: “I STAND ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY.” Unsurprisingly, he looked rather proud of himself. He also looked like he might punch you if you questioned his political beliefs, […]

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