The Unbearable Lightness of Mattress Feminism

May 21, 2015–For thousands of years, divergent religious traditions have celebrated and venerated one unifying act: meditation. Twenty years before Christ, Philo of Alexandria, a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher, recommended various meditative spiritual exercises. Meditation fills the history and writings surrounding the Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and Sufi traditions. Early Christians, contrary to any modern image to […]

Planet Obama: Where Self-Awareness Goes to Die

May 14, 2015–Life in the White House can be notoriously isolating. Harry Truman called the famous presidential residence, which boasts 132 rooms, “the great white jail.” Ronald Reagan labeled it a “gilded cage.” Bill Clinton, who liked the White House so much he sidled out with almost $190,000 worth of furniture, china, silverware, and decorative […]

The Progressive Mask Comes Off

April 30, 2015–Yesterday, on my way into Chipotle, I crossed paths with a guy wearing a bright pink t-shirt that screamed the following, in all caps: “I STAND ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY.” Unsurprisingly, he looked rather proud of himself. He also looked like he might punch you if you questioned his political beliefs, […]

Attack of the Leftist Snowflakes

April 23, 2015–“History assures us that civilizations decay quite leisurely,” Will and Ariel Durant wrote in 1968’s “The Lessons of History.” Even as ancient Greece and Rome faced serious “moral weakening” and societal decay, for instance, both continued to produce “masterpieces of literature and art” and a steady flow of “great statesmen, philosophers, poets, and […]

Jeepers! Hillary’s Campaign is Even Creepier Than You Think

April 16, 2015–Greetings, American humans! Hello, advanced mammalian friends! Welcome to the Week of Hillary! “Wait, wait, wait,” you might be thinking if you’re a normal American human. “It’s not the Week of Hillary. Last I checked, it was the Week the Government Steals All of My Money, Then Somehow Manages to Act Like It’s […]

Indiana’s Hard Lesson: Dissent Is No Longer Tolerated

April 2, 2015–On Tuesday, the owners of an Indiana pizza parlor made a terrible mistake. The O’Connor family, which runs Memories Pizza in the small town of Walkerton, told a local ABC affiliate that while they would “never deny” service to a gay couple or a customers of another religion, “they just don’t agree with […]

Christian Laettner, Monica Lewinsky, and America’s Hero Problem

March 27, 2015–Recently, two controversial public figures from the 1990s reappeared on the American stage. One, a relentless winner, was reviled for his prestigious school, fabulous hair, and cocky attitude on the basketball court; the other was widely mocked for fellating a married president, refusing to dry clean a certain blue dress, and, yes, wearing […]

Racial Trouble on Starbucks Island

March 19, 2015–This week, Starbucks Coffee Company announced its “Race Together” initiative, which encourages employees to strike up conversations with customers about race relations in America. Yes, you read that right. Baristas will be encouraged to write “Race Together” on cups, offering a gentle psychological nudge and suggesting it’s a good idea to discuss hot-button […]

Hillary Clinton’s Over-Played Woman Card

March 12, 2015–Last week, the Wall Street Journal featured “A Better World, Run By Women,” a rather hilarious essay penned by Emory anthropology professor Melvin Konner. As more women gain power around the world, Konner argued, the better our lives will be. “Research has found,” he wrote, “that women are superior to men in most […]

Chelsea Clinton’s Second Fake Job: Saving the World

March 9, 2015–I’m going to start by giving Chelsea Clinton, the lone offspring of two of the shadiest, nonstop hustlers on this whirling galactic casino, a little bit of credit: She doesn’t seem like she’s completely crazy. That’s saying something, considering all she went through in the ’90s. Those of us who shared our teen […]

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