Date Night At the Abortion Movie

  June 20, 2014 – Earlier this week, I did something terrible: I talked my husband into going to a screening of an “abortion romantic comedy” with me. It was his birthday. To my credit, we went to a manly steak dinner beforehand. Also to my credit, I usually have decent taste in movies. But […]

Panic, American Style

Commentary magazine, July/August 2014 - When it comes to the English language, few words rival the evocative power of panic. Standing alone, panic conjures up a wild batch of scenes in the human imagination, many of which, at least in my mind, are somewhat comical: the frantic, unbecoming dances inspired by a bee in the car or a giant bug […]

Two Cheers For Repression?

June 30, 2014 — Recently, I took my kids out for ice cream, which was a lovely, innocent, all-American sort of affair—that is, at least, until a group of high school kids plopped down behind us and started blasting multiple F-bombs into the air. Happily, my kids were too busy inhaling piles of mint chocolate […]

Feminists and Their Daddy Issues

June 12, 2014 - Back when I was an undergrad at Northwestern University, a crime spree struck the school. A mysterious assailant, appearing only at night, would approach female students on the way back from the gym or the library. After hovering for a few moments, he would dash forward, quickly grope them, and flee. His […]

Hijacking a Murder to Boost Self-Esteem

May 27, 2014 – When it comes to portraying crabby, slightly crazed, or hyper testosterone-leveled men, Jack Nicholson is an absolute genius.   Think of Jack “Johnny” Torrance in “The Shining,” Colonel Nathan R. Jessup in “A Few Good Men,” or the red-lipped, wide-mouthed, cabaret-style Joker in Tim Burton’s “Batman.”  Among these over-the-top characters, a sleeper […]

The Great Income Inequality Sham

May 1, 2014–If you’ve ever met a Texan, you know that Texans love bragging about their state. You’ve probably heard the endless list—the bigness, the freedom, the trucks, the barbeque, the pride, the football—and, like many others, you’ve probably rolled your eyes. So please forgive me, for as a new-ish resident of the Lone Star […]

In Illinois, Tax Increases Become an Article of Faith

The Wall Street Journal, April 26, 2014 - In Illinois—a state plagued by epic budget woes, a pension crisis, byzantine taxes and the nation’s second-highest unemployment rate—politics is rarely associated with godliness. Four of the past seven governors, most recently Rod Blagojevich, have been sent to prison. Locals will tell you that corruption is practically a […]

Propaganda for Dummies?

March 13, 2014–For those of us who grew up in the ’80s—or, alternatively, if you just happened to watch a fair amount of TV during that glorious era—the term “Very Special Episode” may elicit some fond and funny memories. The “Very Special Episode,” as Wikipedia describes it, refers “to an episode of a sitcom or […]

The Rise of the Fun Police

January 30, 2014–A decade ago, “Saturday Night Live” began running a series of skits featuring “Debbie Downer,” a character who could single-handedly destroy fun of any kind with the world’s most depressing remarks. In her inaugural appearance on the show, Debbie, played by the amazing Rachel Dratch, manages to annihilate the good moods of her entire family […]

Will Liberalism Implode?

November 15, 2013 - Over the past few weeks, depending on where you sit on the political school bus, you’ve probably either had (a) a stream of guilty “I told you so” happiness; or (b) a dreadful, stomach-sinking horror while watching Obamacare, the president’s oft-labeled “signature achievement,” make its national debut. It has been, in short, […]

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