Trump Hides the Left’s Own Crazies

September 24, 2015–Last week, Donald J. Trump, a man who increasingly resembles a wayward, red-hatted hot air balloon, released what might be the Trumpiest statement ever uttered in the history of mankind. Strolling with Trump on his eponymous California golf course perched along the edge of the Pacific, David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, […]

America’s Newest Victim Class: The Beautiful Girl

September 14, 2015–Many moons ago, while having a drink at the Oak Bar in New York’s Plaza Hotel, I ran across an old college acquaintance with the tremendous nickname of “Mr. Chuckles.” I was about 22 at the time, and lived in a decrepit Manhattan “apartment,” which was actually a tiny, halfhearted pile of bricks, […]

Is America “Bored With Winning?”

September 10, 2015–If you enjoy mawkish, politician-sponsored spectacles, boy, was this your week. We’ll start with the first to grace our nation’s weary eyes: On Tuesday, embattled Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was freed from jail for refusing to authorize gay marriage licenses. Within approximately 30 seconds, thanks to the high-pitched squeal of some top-secret […]

Washington, D.C.: America’s Busybody Neighbor

September 3, 2015–Several months ago, I floated the idea of a fellowship program in which average Americans would board a bus, ride to Washington, D.C., and sit at a fancy bar for an hour or two. There, they could chat with big-ticket lobbyists, marvel at the money flying through the air, and mix it up […]

Planned Parenthood’s Foggy Evil

September 3, 2015–On Wednesday morning, many Americans witnessed a horrifying, graphic, and evil act, broadcast on live TV. In Moneta, Va., a 24-year-old reporter and a 27-year-old cameraman were cruelly gunned down by a disturbed former co-worker—while the cameras were rolling. In the hours following the attack, the shooter bragged about the murders on Twitter, […]

Clinton Spins. Trump Shouts. We Throw Up Our Hands.

August 20, 2015–As the dog days of summer wind down, it’s fun, at least in a self-flagellating way, to look back at the political antics of the past month. Yes, you may complain, but you also have to admit the following: In terms of entertainment value, August of 2015 has actually been quite stellar. The […]

Carbohydrates: A Love Letter

August 20, 2015–Of the many troubling things to come out of last week’s GOP Presidential debates—Donald Trump, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump come immediately to mind—Jeb Bush might top them all. No, really. In the midst of all the yelling about Rosie O’Donnell and buying politicians and America not being able to do anything right, […]

Tinder, Feminists, and Hookup Culture

August 20. 2015–In case you missed it, this month’s Vanity Fair features an impressively bleak and depressing article, with a title worth a thousand Internet clicks: “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” Written by Nancy Jo Sales, it’s a salty, f-bomb-laden, desolate look at The Lives of Young People These Days. Traditional dating, […]

The Tao of Trump

August 6, 2015–As an apprehensive nation creeps closer to Thursday’s 10-candidate Republican presidential debate—and as liquor stores across the country report a mysterious surge of otherwise mild-mannered, golf-shirted customers wandering in, pounding the counter, and demanding “the hard stuff”—you might notice an odd, faint popping sound spreading through your neighborhood. That sound, in case you’re […]

Cecil the Lion and America’s Broken Outrage Meter

July 30, 2015–One of the joys of the digital age, at least to many, is the thrill of discovering a new World’s Most Despicable Person. You know the drill: First, some poor sap says or does something dumb or politically incorrect. Next, mobs of wild-eyed, unhinged keyboard cops swoop in to judge, shame, excoriate, and […]

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