Gay Wedding Cakes and the Media Borg

February 28, 2014–A few weeks ago, I visited a Crate & Barrel store with my family. My goal was simple: to return a lamp. The goal of my three kids was twofold: first, to touch everything breakable in sight; and second, to run pell-mell up and down the escalators like a newly liberated troop of […]

Wendy Davis, Gun Clinger?

January 27, 2014–Poor Wendy Davis. Just two weeks ago, the would-be Texas governor, best known as a glossy-haired cheerleader for late-term abortion, was basking in the glow of a reported $12.2 million campaign haul. On the “Today” show, a gushing Maria Shriver praised Davis as a model woman who is “doing it all.” A few […]

The Texas Liberal Detector

July 30, 2013 – In a few weeks, my family and I will be moving from the Chicago area to Austin, Texas. I realize this is not terribly original on our part. Apparently, everyone else in the country is moving to Texas, too — according to the Census Bureau, eight of the 15 fastest-growing cities in […]

America’s Abortion Mind-Block

April 13, 2013–If there’s one thing pro-choice Americans universally hate, it’s groups of pro-life protesters hoisting up huge, unsightly, and graphic photos of aborted babies in public spaces. Years ago, in fact, after a pro-choice Denver church sued over a cluster of photo-brandishing pro-life protesters across the street, the Colorado Appellate Court upheld a decision […]

The Age of Female Sainthood?

April 11, 2013–Boys and girls, despite what some people might tell you these days, are dramatically different creatures — and one of the most important distinctions between the sexes lies in their preferred methods of torture. In 1991, an episode of the hit show “Seinfeld” discussed an age-old tactic of torment favored by young boys: […]

Worried About Bullying? Be More Worried About Government “Fixes”

February 28, 2013–Let’s face it: Kids can be really dumb. I know, because I was once a kid. In kindergarten, I accidentally tied myself to a playground tetherball pole, leaving myself stranded and dangling when the recess bell rang. In sixth grade, I permed my hair into a ball of frizz — on purpose — […]

Conservatives, Libertarians, and Herding Cats

February 18, 2003–More than three months ago, just hours after the U.S. election results rolled in, something rather stunning occurred. On media outlets throughout the nation, before the scarred and trampled body of Campaign 2012 even went cold — indeed, while some votes were still being counted — conservative pundits turned from the too-blue electoral […]

The Zombie Girls of Brooklyn

January 22, 2013–What is it like to live in a world where nothing matters? If you’ve ever watched HBO’s cult series “Girls,” you know the answer. If you’re not familiar with the show, which follows the largely depressing, sex-fueled lives of four self-centered, fresh-out-of-college Brooklyn women, rest assured: The national media are working industriously to […]

When Babies Disappear

January 14, 2013–Five years ago, on a quiet, leisurely Thursday night, my husband and I sat at the dining room table with a yellow notepad, discussing when we should start having kids. “See, here’s how it works,” he said, drawing a graph. “With a dog, you put in a medium amount of work, and you […]

When Did Feminism Become So Embarrassing?

Follow @heatherwilhelm July 23, 2012–Marissa Mayer is young, blond, attractive, and six months pregnant. She’s also, as of last week, the new president and CEO of Yahoo, a Fortune 500 tech company, and—much to her chagrin, I’m guessing—the fevered subject of dozens of angst-laden feminist blog posts. As a woman, Mayer is a rarity in […]

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