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Intimidation Politics

June 12, 2006 —Imagine that you love big government. Perhaps you sleep in an oversized Che t-shirt, rest your head on an NPR pillowcase, and dream of progressive tax increases. Perhaps you’re a union boss or government employee, hoping for bigger benefits and a pay raise. Or, perhaps you’re just a sympathetic, non-political sort who thinks […]

Unholy Land Grab

January 17, 2006 —For seven years, Reverend Roosevelt Gildon has preached the gospel at the Centennial Baptist Church in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. His congregation, around 50 strong, is like a small family. The elderly members, and those without cars, often walk to Sunday services. “Rosey,” as his friends call him, figured he’d go on preaching […]

Planet Soros:
A pit stop on the financier’s magical mystery university tour

February 19, 2004 —I’ve been feeling a little low about my relationship with George W. Bush lately. I’m worried about the situation in Iraq. Dubya’s trademark, endearing smirk — the one that enrages Democrats — just doesn’t lift my spirits like it used to. And during the State of the Union, I definitely felt like […]

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