A Nation of Dolts, Under God?

March 13, 2008 —Just how ignorant are Americans, anyway? These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone defending the nation’s collective intellect–and, in some cases, for good reason. Two thirds of Americans between ages of 18-24 can’t find Iraq on a map. When asked what function DNA serves, two thirds of Americans have no idea. […]

Thomas Sowell Delivers Inconvenient Truths

February 3, 2008 —Want to be a real hit at a cocktail party? Try bringing up politics, preferably with someone who disagrees with you–and if they’re an emotional sort, even better. Proceed to delve into controversial issues of the day (the politics of race and gender, for instance) and, as you do, back up each […]

Charge It, America!

January 19, 2008 —Let’s pretend for a moment. Let’s say that you run a transit agency in a large urban area. Just for fun, we’ll also say that you somehow manage to repeatedly run out of money, despite larger and larger budgets and numerous bailouts by taxpayers. Now let’s pretend that you’ve run out of […]

A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Election of 1800

January 15, 2008 —Two rivals. One goal. One was labeled a hypocritical, wild-tempered elitist; the other an impractical, rabble-rousing atheist. Their success, depending on who was doing the talking, was yoked with either political salvation or impending doom. Their colleagues were alternately earnest, backstabbing, and fickle, fueling a rancorous national debate. Loyalties shattered. Insults flew. […]

Hillary’s Strange Journey

December 22, 2007 —Well, so much for female empowerment. Almost ninety years after women gained the right to vote and less than four weeks before the Iowa caucuses, America’s first female presidential candidate has everyone talking. Unfortunately, they’re mostly talking about her husband. As Hillary races across Iowa, hubby Bill has been busy stealing the […]

How the U.K. and U.S. Made the Modern World

December 6, 2007 —Ah, the 1990’s: those fabled halcyon days of peace, prosperity, and that confident American post-Cold War glow. For those yearning to return to the relative calm of the last decade, last week’s events in Slovakia would undoubtedly serve as a bit of a wet blanket. Local authorities nabbed three would-be uranium salesmen, […]

A Revolution in Africa…Deaf Ears in Iowa

December 3, 2007 —What can the government do for you? As politicians, pundits, and voters gear up for January’s Iowa caucus, one consistent answer seems to float behind the talking points: pretty much everything. Whether it comes to government-funded preschool, subsidized community college, universal health care, tinkering with free trade, or saving the family farm, […]

Kelo, Eminent Domain, & the Lust for Land

November 9, 2007 —Since the dawn of humanity, there have been a few classic, sure-fire incentives to get people to do all sorts of crazy things. Love is one of them. Money is another. And if recent history is any indication, another age-old ingredient for unhinged behavior will loom especially large in the American psyche […]

Anything Goes:
The Presbyterian Church gets into the 9/11 conspiracy business

Published in The Wall Street Journal, September 8, 2006 Presbyterians in America aren’t known for preaching fire and brimstone. “No frenzy, no fanaticism, no skirmishing,” Mark Twain wrote of his mild-mannered denomination in 1866. “You never see any of us Presbyterians getting in a sweat about religion and trying to massacre the neighbors.” Now, however […]

Intimidation Politics

June 12, 2006 —Imagine that you love big government. Perhaps you sleep in an oversized Che t-shirt, rest your head on an NPR pillowcase, and dream of progressive tax increases. Perhaps you’re a union boss or government employee, hoping for bigger benefits and a pay raise. Or, perhaps you’re just a sympathetic, non-political sort who thinks […]